Domain Names For Sale

As I've had business ideas over the years, I've been adding to my domain name collection. These are names that either I've never used, or haven't used in years. Wire transfers for payments, prices firm. Contact me at sales at folkcraft dot com. Happy domain name hunting!

This would be a great domain name for any serious retailer.



16 "Spot" Domains

This is a complete set of
music-oriented names
with the "spot" suffix.

Here's the complete list:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sold as a set only,
no picking and
choosing. Sorry!

$18,000 (or

A nice, short name, with good potential. Quirky, and fun.


Only six letters long. Sounds like a high-end luxury brand to me.

$8500 and

I ran a music store with this name from the 1980s until 2016. The name has been dormant since 2016, but has great potential for revival.

Two names, one purchase.


Only nine letters long, and a GREAT generic keyword for the right company. Lots of tie-ins for this one, both Irish culture and traditional music. Not cheap, and worth every penny.


I've looked - there are dozens of people named Richard Ash. Some of you are famous, even. And I'll bet that any of you would love to have a personal website. And an email that people will remember - "Richard At RichardAsh Dot Com"(don't send to this email - it'll bounce!)


I bought this one to do something with supplying food to long-distance backpackers. "Trail" and "Bite", but combined like the ancient animal trilobite.


This sounds like a publishing company. Or something to do with books.